Today, we’re diving deep into a topic close to everyone’s heart: motivation.


We’ve all experienced those incredible peaks and frustrating valleys, especially when we’re committed to something challenging like managing our weight.


So, let’s walk through this together, with a real-life story to guide our journey.


Meet Jessica: On Top of Her Game


Our story starts with Jessica, an absolute superstar when it came to her weight-management program.


She was doing everything right, from shedding body fat and gaining muscle to being a regular at her workout sessions.


Not to mention, she significantly cut down on those tempting evening snacks and drinks.


Jessica was soaring, feeling invincible and “on top of the world.”


That is, until she encountered what we often dread – “the wall.”


Facing the Inevitable Plateau


In the world of fitness and training, hitting a “plateau” is a well-recognized phase.


It’s that daunting moment when you find yourself emotionally and physically spent, no matter what you’ve achieved in the days before.


That’s where Jessica found herself, drained of the motivation and discipline that had been her second nature.


Despite her previous triumphs, frustration crept in.


When we sat down together, her immediate question was, “What’s wrong with me?”


It’s a common question, echoing the concerns of many in her shoes. And my response?


“Absolutely nothing!”


Understanding the Natural Ebb and Flow of Motivation


When your motivation seems to take an unexpected vacation, it’s not a sign that you’re failing or that something is inherently wrong.


It’s actually a NORMAL and NATURAL part of any journey, especially one as personal as weight management.


Unfortunately, the real challenge is that many people feel inclined to give up when they hit “the wall.”


They’re unsure of how to climb over it or navigate through it.


So, what advice should we offer Jessica?


Weathering the Storm of Motivation


I like to compare motivation to the weather.


It has its sunny days, but there are also inevitable periods of rain and clouds.


Our “motivation climate” operates similarly.


We’ll have times when we’re brimming with determination —  and other moments when it’s mysteriously absent.


Recognizing this fluctuation isn’t a cue to label ourselves as failures.


Instead, it’s an opportunity to embrace three life-changing tips to help us surge past these temporary humps:


✅  Embrace Persistence: Not feeling like doing something doesn’t warrant stopping.


Commitment isn’t about the immediate desire to act but is tethered to the outcomes we cherish. This sense of dedication brings us to our next tip.


✅  Clarify Your Ultimate Outcome: No scale or number has the power to pull you across the finish line.


It’s the profound, personal revelations of how changing your fitness level will transform your life that propels you forward.


Dive into your depths, discover that compelling reason, and you’ll arm yourself with an unstoppable force!


✅  Learn to Adjust Your Intensity: Achieving your goals doesn’t mean operating at full throttle 24/7—that’s just not sustainable.


It’s okay to scale things back when life throws curveballs your way. Rather than shutting down, dial back. Take smaller, manageable steps toward your goal.


This approach keeps you moving forward, requiring far less immediate motivation and offering much more long-term resilience.


Continuing the Journey, Together


Navigating the unpredictable seas of motivation can be daunting, but it’s all part of our shared human experience.


Remember, it’s okay to feel lost at times.


What matters is that we acknowledge these moments, arm ourselves with understanding and compassion — and keep taking steps forward, no matter how small.


Together, we can overcome the walls and plateaus, reaching new, unimaginable heights! 🌟