Our Intimate Relationship with Food


Today, I want to talk to you about intimacy.

The Most Intimate Relationship of All…

Yes, our relationship with food is one of the most intimate relationships we ALL have. Maybe even more intimate than, well…. you know.

Think about it.

We put food into our mouths, chew it, swallow it and ultimately it breaks down and literally becomes part of us. Now THAT’s intimate!

And we do it multiple times a day!

But that’s just the top line.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

The Sensual Beginnings

Our relationship with food begins long before it hits our taste buds.  Just like any passionate encounter it starts with a flirtation.

But, be careful. Are you flirting with the “bad girls” or “bad boys” (sugary, over processed foods)? You know it will end badly!

The aroma of seasoned grilled chicken, the sizzle of veggies in a hot pan, or the sight of a beautifully plated dish—these are the signals that ignite our senses and draw us in.  It’s the foreplay of the culinary world where our senses are tantalized, and our anticipation builds.

More Than Just a Bite

Then comes the act itself — eating.

We open our mouths, take a bite and let the flavors dance on our tongues.

The act of chewing, savoring and finally swallowing is where the magic happens.

This isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about enjoyment, satisfaction and sometimes even a little indulgence.

We might be professionals who preach balanced diets and macronutrients, but let’s be honest — sometimes, that piece of dark chocolate is pure bliss.

The Ultimate Commitment

Once you swallow whatever you put into your mouth… that’s when things get serious. There’s no going back!

Our body takes over and begins the intricate process of digestion.

It’s like saying “I do” in the world of food.

That morsel is now on a journey to become a part of us.

It’s a Deep Connection

As food travels down our esophagus and into our stomach, enzymes and acids break it down.  Then, our amazing digestive system extracts the nutrients that our body needs.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where our body works tirelessly to absorb the good stuff — and discards what it doesn’t need.

Becoming One with Us

Finally, the nutrients from our food enter our bloodstream.   And, then they are delivered to every corner of our body.

This is where the real intimacy takes place.

Those macros, including proteins, carbs and fats as well as micro nutrients all become part of our muscles, our organs and our cells.

They literally become us.

Think about that next time you eat anything.

Are those vegetables going to fuel your heart with high octane fuel?

Will the grilled chicken become part of your quads or biceps?

The Ultimate Comparison

Just for fun, allow me to address the elephant in the room.

Is our relationship with food more intimate than sex?

Well, while sex is undoubtedly a significant part of human intimacy, food is a constant companion.  We eat multiple times a day, every day — for our entire lives.

Each meal is a new opportunity to connect with our bodies and nourish ourselves.

Food sustains us in a way that’s fundamental and enduring. It’s a relationship that requires attention, care and consistency.

Embrace the Intimacy


I hope you enjoyed this little “riff” about the intimate role nutrition plays in our lives.

By re-framing our relationship with food as an intimate, lifelong connection — perhaps you’ll find new appreciation for how we nourish our bodies.

Next time you sit down to a nice healthy meal, remember this love story!

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