Two Effective Life Strategies


Today, I want to share two of the most effective strategies – not only for your health, but for life, in general.   


These two strategies apply regardless of where you are right now in your fitness goals.  They work for beginners as well as advanced fitness enthusiasts. 


Strategy #1:  Win The Day


People often think goal setting needs to be some sort of “long range” plan.  


But, does it?


How about just today.  Just win today.  You can worry about tomorrow, well… tomorrow.  


When I work with clients I try to reinforce the concept of not trying to change everything at once.  


I try to offset the idea of being “on” or “off” a diet.  Or categorizing specific  foods as “good” or “bad.”


Instead, I promote a contrary approach whereby we identify and FOCUS on  the truly important things that will move you closer to your goals.  


And, then, we work toward a simple 1% improvement. 


It’s as simple as that.


For example, maybe you start by drinking 8 more ounces of water each day.  


Maybe you add protein to one more meal and eliminate one more processed carb. 


When you do these things every single day, 365 times a year you’ll end up in a really great place!  


We call it “stacking.”   Each small win after small win stacks up and is a fantastic approach to making progress. 


That’s why my clients maintain their weight (body composition) and overall health.  It’s because those small wins actually become permanent lifestyle habits. 


Strategy #2: You Can Only Control What You Can Control


How much of life is actually in our control?  Just think about it.  There are so many things beyond our control – circumstances and events that happen outside our influence.


So, what becomes important is HOW we respond to these uncontrollable “things.”   And, in fact, it often determines the outcome.


For example, the weather.  Hurricanes, tornados, rain storms, snow storms, etc.  They are uncontrollable events.  Now some people are prepared with “response plans” (bottled water, food, tire chains, etc).  


That is all that they can control but it might affect their outcome.  Others, without a plan, may not do as well.


Same thing for health and fitness. There’s the person who always waits for the “perfect time” to start working out – but, uncontrolled events always seem to delay that “perfect time” –  and as a consequence, that person just gets further out of shape. 

But, that same person can, in fact, control when he or she actually starts a program (just pick the date)  – and thus affect their own outcome. 


It’s the same for me.  As a health professional, regardless of what happens to my schedule, my family or even an injury… I still need to be my best self in order to provide 100% of what’s expected.


So, I focus on what I can do each day to keep myself healthy and energized, even if it just means managing the minimum for that particular day.  Tomorrow will be different.


In Summary…


Just remember small steps each day can lead to significant changes over time.  And, just focus on one day at a time. 


Life is full of uncontrolled circumstances.  Control that which you actually can control! 


If you’d like some help with getting started… or,  want to get your plan in place, let’s talk!


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